Every liFe has a story

From our students, to our teachers (and the ministry itself.) Everyone and everything has a purpose.


Each and every one of the students that have walked through our doors carries with them a story worth sharing. We like to share these with our partners and potential donors in order for them to grasp the importance of our work, as well as the impact that their contributions can have in further developing these children’s lives.

Altidor Family

We found a family of 5 members without legal documents and many needs in the hill of Ponton la Vega on November 2015. Their names are: Nico Altidor (father), Merline Altidor (mother), (Loudjina 1st daughter of 2 years), Rosebeeline (2nd daughter of 10 years and Renaldo of 8 years).

I brought them all to live in the Tamboril ministry and now by the grace of God: the father is a doorman, the mother is a teaching assistant and the three children are in school for free and paying the parents a salary with a room paid. Now the mother is a kindergarten 1 teacher, the father a musician and teacher-builder, Loudjina is in 8th grade in a government high school, Roseberline in 4th and Ronaldo in 2nd grade at my school. Today they are a happy family humbly serving the Lord in us as leaders.

Love Family

Three years ago an unbelieving mother (named Pierrenise Antoine) and her (husband Derelus Love), enrolled three children in school. We encouraged the parents to send their children to an Evangelical church every Sunday and those who do not go to any church encourage them to bring their children to ours.

In this way, children came in and we encouraged children’s services and presented them with the word of God. They received Jesus and through the children we were able to bring the parents closer and now the parents are members of our church along with their children and they always come to worship. The children’s names are: Stevenson, 12, Angeline, 10, and Danisca, 6.



If you wish to become involved and play a part in any of these stories, follow the link below and let’s get started.