Everyone deserves an equal opportunity.

About the ministry

FESSIF was founded in 2014 by Pastor Yves Talleyrand and wife Naomie Pierre de Talleyrand.

We’re a non-profit entity, dedicated to the creation of theological schools, secular schools, and the promotion of educational activities in generl, putting into practice the true religion and Christian philanthropy, in assisting the widows, orphans and the homeless in their tribulations.

Since 2014, we’ve grown into six churches and four schools in the Dominican Republic, and four churches and four schools in Haiti, with a combined 400+ students and 50+ staff members serving under the vision of the ministry.

Main focus on our children

We believe that by equipping children with the tools needed early, they’ll have a better chance of succeeding and one day work towards giving back to the community.

Each and every one of the children that attend our school have a unique story. If you follow the link below you’ll see a glimpse of those and how important it has been for them to be connected to our institution.

Continuous education

Our goal has always been to offer the best possible primary education, but we hope to one day, with God’s providence, be able to complement this with a secondary and advanced education system in place. All of this while developing fluent students in more languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Creole, Shino, among others.


Stage I

In three years we see the complete payoff of a new land, and also the completion of construction of our main headquarters, from where we will coordinate all of our efforts moving forward.

Stage II

In five years wee see the start of our secondary schools in all of our centers, with qualified teachers that will propel our students to university-level readiness.

Stage III

In ten years wee see an expansion towards a new, technologically-advanced. Technology-oriented careers are rapidly growing and we want to give our students a chance to get started on one.

Wish to become a sponsor?

If you wish to become a sponsor of a student, teacher or a specific project within our ministry, write us an email using the form. We’ll connect you with Pastor Ives and follow up on your request.